Double Celebrity Sighting at LAX


I was at LAX this morning and on my way to the gate I saw Miss Louisiana Teen USA, Logan Travis. OMGPONIES!!!11 She was wearing her silvery sparkly sash but alas, no tiara. Dang it.
(Seriously though, what kind of name is that? Is she Wolverine’s sister?) It is the first time I’ve seen a beauty queen in real life.

To make up for my disappointment of her without her tiara, I saw Mike Rowe (he of Dirty Jobs and Deadliest Catch fame) while standing in line at the Starbucks for my pre-boarding coffee jolt. We made eye contact and I pointed at him and mouthed, “I love your show!” And gave him a big thumbs up. He smiled and mouthed back “Thank you!” I’m a goof like that.

I’m not an autograph hound – I don’t understand what you are supposed to do with them. (Aside from selling them on Ebay which seems crass.) On rare occasions I do get autographs but only if I see someone that I know a friend of mine LOVES. For example, I saw Dog The Bounty Hunter (in Toys R Us in Culver City, of all places) and got his autograph for my friend Sarah. His show, Dog The Bounty Hunter, is a guilty pleasure for her and so I thought it would be hilarious to get his autograph for her. I approached and he was friendly and looks EXACTLY the same as he does on TV. He agreed to sign for her but got confused by how to spell her name. He got to S and then looked up at me and I had to help him finish – A, R, A, H. She got a huge laugh out of it.

I don’t do photos either, again, expect in a joke/rare occasion. I wish I had been awake and on it enough to get a picture of me and Miss Louisiana Teen USA. That would have been hilarious. Though I have to admit, she didn’t seem very pleased to be in LA right at that moment. I work on movies, so I see actors often enough, but never take photos with them unless it’s part of a larger crew photo session. I did make an exception last year while working on Spiderman 3 (I worked on it for 2 weeks, don’t be too impressed.) Check me out! And no, that’s not Tobey Maguire. That’s Colin, the stunt guy.

I like to let people know when I love their work and only do it when it does not interfere with said work or dinner or personal moments. Wouldn’t you love to have a total stranger tell you they love what you do? I think you would.

8 thoughts on “Double Celebrity Sighting at LAX”

  1. Mike Rowe is awesome. There have not been many moments I’ve laughed harder at the TV than during a recent “Dirty Jobs” episode where the cameraman was shooting from behind him and about his pants he asked “Do these Dickies make my ass look fat?”

  2. I’d like to see Mike Rowe take on the LA River. Cleaning it or dredging it or just swimming in it. Lots of poo there…

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