Will the LA Times run this weekend’s “Opus”?

opus.jpgCan anyone confirm if the Los Angeles Times plans to print the scheduled August 26th and September 2nd strips of “Opus”?

According to a statement on comic artist Berkeley Breathed’s website, “a large number of client newspapers across the country, including Opus’ host paper The Washington Post,” have refused to run the strip for the next two weeks.

Washington Post Editorial Director/GM Alan Shearer told Dave Astor at Editor & Publisher:

Berkeley Breathed’s Aug. 26 and Sept. 2 strips — which comprise sort of a two-part series — show the Lola Granola character wanting to become an Islamic radicalist (and wear traditional Muslim clothing) because it’s a “hot new fad on the planet.” Content also includes what Shearer described as “a sex joke a little stronger than we normally see.”

After the reduction of the magazine insert to only once a month, the comic are, sadly, one of the only reasons I check out the Sunday Times, and “Opus” is a main reason (“Non-Sequitar” and “Lilo” are close seconds…). I don’t believe the Times has a record of yanking controversial comments (please correct me if I’m wrong)*, but I can only hope they stick with this one.

*Noted: “In November 1993, a story line dealing with California wildfires was dropped from several California newspapers, including the Los Angeles Times.” (Wikipedia)

…h/t Reverse Vampyr

3 thoughts on “Will the LA Times run this weekend’s “Opus”?”

  1. Aw, I like Opus a little more subtle than Doonesbury.

    It really bothers me when newspapers decide to be moral, cultural or political filters. I think that’s when they cross the line between editing for accuracy and ease of reading to censorship.

    Censorship bad. When they start that they cross the line and have violated our basic trust in “freedom of the press”.

    Worse when its done to avoid controversy in their effort to make a buck.

  2. Ok..the Times ran it, good for them as its pretty inoffensive. Certainly didn’t put anything new out in terms of stereotyping nor so overtly inflammatory. So what is the Post’s issue over being a strong sex joke? He’s not getting any because she’s a virgin? BFD.

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