As Seen At The Lacy Street Shelter: Chelonia Pandemonia

After attending to the licensing of our dog Ranger at the North Central Animal Shelter on Lacy Street my wife and I strolled through the male section of the dog kennels giving a little love to all those canines awaiting adoption only to be surprised blown the hell away when we came to a pond and this mass of silver dollar-sized red-eared slider turtle babies crowding the edge of this tile sticking out of the water (click to biggiify). And there were plenty more where they came from:

4 thoughts on “As Seen At The Lacy Street Shelter: Chelonia Pandemonia”

  1. curious –
    thought this type illegal to sell due to salmonella risk as pets – anything on their fate? adoptablity?

  2. Hi Kristen,

    There were “do not touch” signs around this section where the turtles were warning of the health risk but nothing in terms of the adoptability. I’m pretty sure these guys aren’t adoptable yet because of the federal law making it illegal to sell any slider less than four-inches in length. This ban was instituted in part because children are more at risk of exposure as they’re likely to handle the small turtles and then put their fingers in their mouths (or the turtles themselves!

    The sale of properly sized sliders is not prohibited in California, but I did find states that have banned the sale (Oregon, Florida, for example) not so much for health reasons as in an effort to protect natural balances effected by the illegal dumping of the pet turtles into lakes and streams.

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