Shoppers Beware: Hic Abundant Leones


While they may have the worst parking lot on planet earth, I do love the Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake if only because they proudly display the fine artistry that’s produced by tiny hands at nearby Ivanhoe Elementary. On my list visit, I spotted this beauty, looking like he’s about to cough up the largest and grossest of hairballs right into your paper sack full of Two Buck Chuck and wasabi cashews. Note that young Nathan Romero (if I’m reading that signature correctly) even had the insight to finish off the mane around the rest of the picture. Kudos all around.

7 thoughts on “Shoppers Beware: Hic Abundant Leones”

  1. Cool stuff, and if we had a way to let the kids parents know they would be tickled and Nathan would be beaming with joy for the recognition. We owe it to our budding whatevers to give them the nod when they do well. Thanks for doing your part.

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