Sundaes On A Monday


Over on the Militant Angeleno’s blog he just posted about being tipped to The Great Los Angeles Ice Cream Party slated to take place Labor Day, September 3 from 2 – 5 p.m. at Heritage Square Museum off the 110 Freeway near 43rd Avenue South Avenue 43 (map) between Mt. Washington and Montecito Heights. Even though its a couple weeks away I wanted to do my share in spreading the word, in part because Heritage Square is a unique historic venue and also because the ice cream’s free hell yeah!

Of course there are donations to be eagerly appreciated and accepted that will go to support the painstaking restoration of a mansion’s exterior and the expansion of the museum’s educational programs so come looking not only to get your sundae on but also ready to give a little bit to help make Heritage Square Museum all that it can be.

Painting of the future finished Heritage Square Museum by R. Tom Gilleon borrowed from Heritage Square Museum’s MySpace page.

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  1. Will,

    Heritage Square is off the 110 Freeway aka the Arroyo Seco Parkway near Avenue 43! I’m not even sure there is a 43rd Avenue in LA but do know that 43rd Street and 43rd place intersect with the 110 in South Central. This confusion/laziness about street names in Northeast LA is one of my personal pet peeves.

    Here’s some background historical info.:

    The ‘Avenues’ street names come out of a particular time in LA History, when the neighborhoods in NE LA were annexed to the city and being transformed from the ‘country’ into street car suburbs during the early decades of the 20th century. As many of your readers know, part of what makes Northeast LA unique is that the streets do not correspond to the general grid that was laid out for most of the city, but instead follow the topography of the land, the Los Angeles River and the Arroyo Seco. The ‘Avenues’ naming scheme was introduced in Lincoln Heights, Cypress Park, Highland Park and adjacent neighborhoods in an attempt to make Northeast LA more connected to the downtown street grid. Prior to that time, the streets in NE LA (now Avenue 18 -Avenue 66) had names that evoked the landscape more clearly, such as Walnut Street, River Street, etc. North Broadway was Downey Road, named after former California Governor and developer of Lincoln Heights, John G. Downey.

    I share all this because NE LA is getting a different kind of attention now (New York Times articles comparing it to Tuscany-WTF?!)and NE LA is experiencing some dramatic population changes. It seems especially important, at this time, to make sure that the unique historical character (including street names)is recognized and shared with newcomers to the area. And anyone who plugs in 43rd Avenue in google maps etc. will NOT find directions to Heritage Square!

  2. Thanks for the smackdown Lex. Man I suck don’t I?

    As penance for my confusion/laziness I’ve corrected the oh-so-egregious error of “43rd Avenue” to the more correct “Avenue 43” and even thrown in the “South” as a bonus (because heaven for bid people go looking for North Avenue 43).

    I’ve also included a Google map link to Heritage Square Museum for all those tards you’re looking out for who’d otherwise show up in “South Central,” wondering where the fuck the ice cream is.

    And dare I say that the use of “South Central” smacks of a certain confusion/laziness on your part. As many of our readers know that area of the city is more properly and correctly referred to as South Los Angeles. Please make a note of it.

  3. Will,

    Thanks for the correction and smack down. I’m breathing a sigh of relief… now I can turn my energy to other pressing matters! I’m sure tards all over LA are thanking us both for the post,correction and map since it will lead them to free ice cream!

    True story: I once set up a meeting with a grpahic designer to meet me at my office in Lincoln Heights, near the corner of North Broadway and Avenue 24. She drove from the Westside in midday traffic to S. Broadway and 24th street, and spent an hour or so looking for my address. She eventually called me and we figured out that she had no clue where she was and wouldn’t be able to get from South LA to Lincoln Heights in time for the meeting. After all that, she didn’t get the job but hopefully she got herself a map of LA.

    Re. the South Central/South Los Angeles issue: well noted, but I meant to do that! I won’t clog up the comments section with another of my missives about the history behind these names or about how there really *is* a North Avenue 43. I’ll save it for a blog post.

  4. Will,

    Thanks for the correction and the smackdown. I’m breathing a sigh of relief… I can now move on to other pressing issues! And I’m sure tards all over town are thanking us both for the post, correction and map, since it will lead them to free ice cream!

    True story: I once set up a meeting with a graphic designer at my office in Lincon Hts. (N. Broadway and S. Avenue 24). She was a no-show and called me later to tell me that she spent an hour near S. Broadway and 24th Street looking for my address. She didn’t get the job but I hope she got herself a Thomas Guide or learned to check a map before driving across town, thinking she knew where she was going!

    Re. South Central vs. South Los Angeles: point taken but I meant to do that! There’s a lot of historical background about these names, too but I’ll save that for my blog.

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