Is Hollywood Hills West NC proving relevant?

If you may recall, my last visit to my local neighborhood council meeting left me less than optimistic about the whole neighborhood council process.

Since then, I’ve followed a little more about whats happening in other “NCs”, especially Glassel Park, and on second thought believe my views of the Hollywood Hills West NC may have been a bit harsh. Adding to my new found faith are a few agenda items for this Thursday’s board meeting (full agenda here).

After the jump, read the fun details of their efforts to deal with gridlock on Highland, a push for a new off-leash dog park, dealing with urban blight, and more…

Of main interest are calls for action to address the traffic along Highland Blvd.  Traffic Committee Chair Wayne C. Johansson’s has a motion calling for traffic control officers at the intersections along Highland at Franklin and Hollywood from 10am – 2pm on nights whenever there is a Hollywood Bowl event. A seperate motion that passed in committee called for further study to alleviate traffic at Highland and Franklin – where roadwork continues but so far doesn’t seem to have alleviated congestion – also calling for a traffic officer to be posted to give tickets to drivers blocking the intersection.

Another motion that passed unanimously in committee asked that no more variances for “billboards or supergraphics” be given until existing laws to limit the blight could be given “more teeth”. After seeing the giant H&M ad with Madonna on the east wall, and now the MTV VMAs billboard covering the west wall of the historic Roosevelt Hotel, I would have to support such a motion. Indeed, I’m a grumpy old man.

Other interesting motions include requests for an off-leash dog area at the Yucca Community Center, and requests for updates regarding the proposed parking lot on the south end of Runyon Canyon and repaving at the Mulholland entrance.

Unfortunately, there’s no indication of potential Brown Act violations or other Bradley-like fireworks, but there’s always the possibility of a gadfly wanting to supply public comment…

August 23, 2007 – 6:30pm
Women’s Club of Hollywood
1749 North La Brea Avenue

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