Local Bloggers On View

Bloggers can be a shy, secretive bunch. We can hide behind our keyboards, playing with our identities, linking to our heart’s content. But this Wednesday night, we step out from behind our URLs and read what we have written, live, in front of an audience. So come join us and see what we look and sound like. I am on the list of readers and was inspired to do so by fellow Metroblogger Will who read at the last event. You can hear all the previous bloggers reading their chosen pieces from that June evening on the LA Bloggers Live! website.

If you come, you might get blogged about…you know you want it to happen.
Tangier Lounge
2138 Hillhurst Avenue
LA 90027

6:30 (sharp!)
$4 cover charge

Stick around after for more free-form conversation.

5 thoughts on “Local Bloggers On View”

  1. Good Luck and have fun Julia! It was great last time, and I sort of half-promised to come this time, but I can’t make it as I am far away, at a conference.


  2. I think I’m suffering from selective memory, my daughter’s birthday party is happening at 7:00pm in La Verne tomorrow.

    I will have to pass on this event darn it.

  3. Ed! Sorry you can’t make it after all, I was looking forward to meeting you. Enjoy the party and we’ll hopefully see you next time.

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