Google: “Atwater Not Suitable”

I just had to share this: Over on the blog of my Boyle Heights-based biking bud Ensie he posted a screencap of what happened after attempting to create a Google Group named “Atwater High Class of ’98 Reunion.” Seems fair enough, right? Not to them sharpies over at Google who just ain’t gonna cotton to such obviously subliminal and covertly intentional use of derogatory slang:


In case it’s unreadable the red type says “The group name is not suitable. You cannot include the text ‘twat’ in the group name.”

Ree DICK yoo luss!

9 thoughts on “Google: “Atwater Not Suitable””

  1. Bet they use the same troll the DMV uses to decipher obcure code. I did my time in Vegas, my favorite casino was the Four Queens. Do you think they’d let me use QQQQ on my plate….nooooo!

  2. Hmmm….my initial comment got flagged that it needed to be approved before being posted. Does that meant BLA is using the same filter as google?

  3. See what AP did….and his word has the dreaded c word that will enflame any female reading the first four after the S. And he didn’t get flagged. Makes me wonder sometimes who writes the filtering programs.

  4. neil made me laugh….my original comment is still floating in the electron world waiting to be approved and be viewable to us.

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