Turning Tard

Do we need to start a new category?

On Vermont, heading north yesterday at about 6pm. This guy was turning left, but stopped while waiting for space to do so. Plenty of traffic on Vermont so we couldn’t go around and he didn’t pull into the center lane to turn.

4 thoughts on “Turning Tard”

  1. That’s so common and dangerous. There are two spots by my house that even with a center left turn lane people make turns from the #1 lane. That would be another interesting thread. Am almost thinking that we should just start a couple of flicker threads for the various ‘tards out there. Reading while driving tard added make up tard to the ones for the variations for just bad parking. That way we’d appease those who don’t like the social commentary here beyond the initial announcement and just log the rest for posterity.

    By then again…annoying people and getting responses on the documenting the fall of polite society can be more fun when done on a blog.

  2. And I hate the ones who pull out into the street from the parking lot at the bottom of my house on Sunset Plaza Dr./Sunset, and block the right, right- turn lane for a whole light, instead of waiting to pull into the street until the right-turning cars clear. There are only 2-3 cars waiting to turn so they could do it easily, but they made us wait over a minute. Then these tards flick the finger and act indignant, even get out of their cars sometimes.

    Should be a place to post on people who violate the laws so selfishly then get hostile, too.

    What about some Drivers Ed for Tards course, like “Don’t block a traffic lane while waiting to turn. Whether left into intersection, or blocking a right-turn lane because you can’t keep your Bummer or Hummer in the driveway waiting your turn.”

  3. In chinatown, apparently the folk making a right hand turn are suppose to yield to opposing left hand turn makers. This drives me up the wall too. Those making a left hand turn should be waiting the longest, not aggressively taking their turn.

  4. What turning lane? I only see a double yellow there. The Vermont I know has long stretches with no turning lane. It’s horrible.

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