LAPD’s newest non-lethal weapon now available to the public


Back in the day, if you’d heard that an LAPD officer had used his flashlight to subdue a suspect you could probably bet a police battery lawsuit would follow.

Now with the Pelican 7060, the most a suspect may complain about is maybe a headache after being blinded by the “130 lumen LEDs” from the lightweight flashlight. In addition to being extremely bright, complete with a no-stick handle and two switch locations (at the tail and up by the head), this flashlight has a “momentary pulse” feature that will likely disorient whoever its pointed at, and possibly cause them to have seizure.

(and if you’re curious about how bright this sucker is, check out the “cooling fins” that are built in near the light)

Designed with the help of 150 LAPD officers – specifically as a result of our city’s finest reputation for mistaking their heavy duty flashlights for a baton – the Pelican is now available to consumers.

The prices seem to vary wildly online, with the lowest I could find being $108, while Fry’s has it listed at $170.

This seems like a practical item for neighborhood watch groups, or anyone who needs some sort of nighttime protection but has been wary of pepper spray or a tazer gun… but I fear over zealous doormen, prankster teens, and even muggers may make use of these more than anyone else. Still, I gotta get me one.

…h/t EngadgetMack Reed wrote about Chief Bratton’s hunt for a flashlight design in April, 2005… (and Ben actually had written about this back in April as well)…

5 thoughts on “LAPD’s newest non-lethal weapon now available to the public”

  1. This is cool, one step closer to the handheld lazer pistol. Can you up the amps enough to do a complete retina fry? Just checking. Interesting non-lethal weapon unless of course it takes on the roll of a club.

  2. This doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the new Tasers, designed to appeal to female consumers, the device comes in four “designer colors”.

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