Best Auto Swap Meet ever in Pomona Sunday 8/25

oldford.jpg Probably the best auto swap meet in California if not the whole west coast will take place again at the LA County Fairplex in Pomona. Of course I am talking about the infamous Pomona Swap Meet. Not only do they have tons (literally when you think about the size of the beasts on the road back in the 60’s and early 70’s) of cars on show and available for sale, they have massive amounts of car related stuff too. IT’s huge and even arriving at the 9AM start time you are hard pressed to see all the cars (somewhere between 3,000 and 4,000) let alone the miles of related stuff. (The pic is mine and a sampling of what is there to view).

No matter what sorta hoochie-gadgie that hooks onto the thinga-ma-bob you are looking for you will likely find it there. They have huge assortments of new, used, reconditioned and who knows where it came from stuff on sale.

I collect the chrome model name script that used to adorn the side of our cars. Now that stuff, especially from the 60’s was special, honest to god pot metal dipped in chrome and screwed into holes drilled in the side of the car that shined and sparkled in a way that plastic stuff glued on the cars never can match. I won’t even get into the sculptural qualities of some of them as that would be a whole ‘nother topic.

The general public can enter gate 17 off of Fairplex Drive which is easily accessed from the San B’doo freeway. It opens at 9AM and closes at 2PM. There is an admission of $8 with kids under 12 free. Wagons are not allowed to tote either the kidlets or auto parts so be warned in advance. (It is enforced…found that out the hard way but it makes sense, with nicely restored cars all over who wants someone to scratch the side of the car with the wagon).

The fun part for us car guys is getting to bring out our beasts and show them off. The guy’s in my hood every so often haul our butts out of bed with our old beasts, arrive at the gate to show them off. That early rising, coffee with the guys and enjoying the smell of cat-free exhaust with the aural pleasures of an old V8 is a great way to start the day. (pic and car are mine….the trusty “Bu” is a 1972 Centurion with a GS455 and it sounds wonderful).

You do need to be there early, they allow you to start lining up as early as 3AM at Gate 15 entrance to the Fairplex for the 5AM opening for the vendors and folks showing cars. If you want to show your pre-1975 car, or just show it off there is a $25 fee that includes you and a passengers admission and special reserved parking to show the car. Space is limited so the earlier you arrive the better. All the details for showing and selling your car are on their web site here.

The map courtesy the Pomono Swap Meet is here

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  1. There’s usually a pretty good contingent of air-cooled volkswagen cars, vendors (including a lot of after-market parts people), and fans too.

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