17 thoughts on “Parking Tard King”

  1. Thanks for including the license plate. A nice touch. All we need is the wheelie sign or “compact only” and it would be complete. Tards are everywhere.

  2. I concur. Bad parking job, but not parked egregiously. Shouldn’t reveal the personal. This one doesn’t hunt.

  3. The guy was within the lines, and you still posted the license plate originally? I’ve seen a lot worse like the SUV’s over the line. And you can’t always blame’em if the only spaces are compact. The stores are cheap for subdividing spots into tiny ones.

    Ever get your newly painted car dinged by some old guy or careless kid lurching out of their car, smashing their door right into yours? Thanks for the nicks. How about posting on people who bang into other people’s cars cuz they have an old one?

  4. I know that lot, the spots aren’t that small. Sure, I’ve seen worse, but it’s still crappy.

    Shouldn’t show the plates, though, but that’s fixed.

  5. Jeff: I’ve definitely seen worse, but the crappy photo doesn’t clearly show that the rear right bumper is over the line… in the meantime, they left PLENTY of space on the left.

    Just unnecessary, lazy, and inconsiderate, especially considering that when I arrived the lot was packed.

  6. Granted, the tard quotient is relatively low in this parking job, but what’s all this tsk-tsking about showing the plates? If I photograph someone walking across this parking lot naked I’m I supposed to blur out their face?

  7. I for one would never blank out a license plate. It is what is it is and no need to hide or protect them.

  8. Don’t forget to include the parking lot engineer is this little play. What kind if idiot places a hedge right next to where a person is supposed to exit their vehicle? Are they so freaking stupid that they don’t know that car doors open out and need room?

  9. what can you do with someone’s license plate? there is no way to track them is there? (if so let me know cause I would like to settle up some accounts…)

  10. reality TV has taught us that plates must be blurred, but that’s just so you can’t go out and hunt posh and becks as easily, or target your favorite real-worlder.

    the state has clamped the hell down on the release of DMV-related personal information, so the only way showing this dude’s license plate on a blog would hurt him, would be if a reader then had a DMV worker run a VERY ILLEGAL search to track down personal contact information. otherwise, i suppose people could leave him a nasty note . . . if they wrote down the model, make, and plate number on a car they saw ON A BLOG.

    duh. who gives a crap. the guy was too lazy to straighten out in the spot, but i – and i’m guessing most readers – are far too lazy ourselves to go and find douche-driver.

  11. That’s true – license plates are the most public of information – you HAVE to have them and can’t obscure them.

    Showing one in a photo is no big deal.

    That said, I differ that the tard pictured is the “king” of Parking Tards – I’ve seen a hell of a lot worse.

  12. why do you sad imperialist losers make such a big deal about this stuff? It happens thousands of times a day ALL OVER LA. Grow up and get a job. Sheesh.

  13. Ruth: Car was parked at a Burger King, thus the title. Indeed, this is a minor infraction among many worse parkers.

    Why?: For the same reason you clicked to comment on this thread. You’re welcome. :)

  14. Markland: D’oh! Of course it’s at BURGER King – did I mention I’m not getting enough sleep these days?

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