Nobody Walks In LA

And why would you want to when you can drive one of these babies?
(That car is so money!)

Spin LA is a private driving club where you rent a gorgeous, classic automobile for three or seven days. If you want to drive them more often, you can become a member and receive 20% discounts on driving fees and attend private events, along with other services. Your membership also goes toward the purchase of a particular car in case you fall so far in love you can’t let go.

But this is no regular car rental agency. They require a 45 minute orientation to each car. They ask you don’t drive more than 100 miles per day and that you don’t drive outside 150 miles of their location in case anything (perish the thought) goes wrong. They can deliver the car to you or, if you come to pick up your ’66 Cobra, they will keep your ’92 Geo Metro in a covered spot and even wash it for you so it looks as good as it possibly can after your brief tryst with true automotive beauty.

I know, I know. We are supposed to be using more mass transit, biking and walking more. But oooh….look at that one! I’m sure I could ease my guilt with a few carbon offsets…


(Link via Thrillist, photos from the Spin LA site.)

See their wackiest vehicle after the break.

This makes a Hummer just look stupid. Oh wait–Hummers already are stupid!


Check out their Spin-LA Blog.