Sweatin’ Bullets: Eddie Would Jump

http://blogging.la/archives/images/2007/08/joyjump-thumb.jpgPhoto by Bryan Villarin, (cc) some rights reserved.

Taggers are harmless? Maria Hicks, 58, was shot and killed after confronting a spray-painting youth in Pico Rivera, becoming another entry in Jill Leovy’s The Homicide Report.

Vlogger Larry at TodayIFeelLike.com takes viewers on a cruise along “the Shaw”, aka Crenshaw Ave. The day before he visited Venice Beach, “the Ghetto By the Sea” where spots some body builders and Michael Clark Duncan who he says “was pretty much a dick”.

Banditos Yanquis at Life on the Edge accuses a Harbor City development of utilizing “an unethical, racist” as a consultant.

Rico at Angelenic proposes the city build a park at Main and Alameda instead of the parking lot he suspects it will become.

LA City Nerd answers the question, “Should the City of Los Angeles continue to grow in size?”

D.R. Smith at LAist gets the run around from the LAPD while trying to find out the details of a suspicious package that was seen detonated on video in West L.A.

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