Dear Burbank Airport,

burbank.jpgYou’re the best. When I left town last week I woke up at 5:46 but still made my 6:45 flight! Yeah, it was the longest line at security I’d ever seen too! It took at least that long just to get checked in at JFK in New York. I know everybody on this blog is all in love with you and wanna go ride bikes with you and everything but, seriously, it’s cause you’re pretty rad and EASY. It’s not wrong to admit that we love you because you’re easy, right?


PS: I also love your website and how it’s full of fun historic facts! History is the best.

6 thoughts on “Dear Burbank Airport,”

  1. I love that about Burbank Airport as well, but the thing that sucks is public transit access. You’d think it would be a no brainer to run a shuttle from the North Hollywood Red Line every 20 or 30 minutes to the airport.

    The LAX FlyAway from Union Station (and now Westwood) made me switch from using Burbank to using LAX. Sorry, Bob Hope!

  2. I used to love you, Bob Hope Airport, but then you (or whichever company you’ve subcontracted to run your parking services) started charging money for motorcycles to park in your parking garage, just like the creeps at the Arclight. I know, boo hoo, two places we have to pay for out of dozens of others who don’t charge motorcyclists for parking. Still, it’s a shame. I mean, most of us use a lot less gas, and not all of us are homicidal maniacs with death wishes. Santa Monica’s parking garages understand us, Bob Hope Airport, and, judging by the last time I was crazy enough to fly out of there, so does LAX, your hugely messy but much more prominent sibling.

  3. Man, I wish I could fly out of Burbank, but my intense desire for straight flights whenever at all possible always sends me down to LAX.

  4. Bert Green – are you familiar with Burbank Bus’s Noho-Empire Shuttle?

    It’s not a perfect solution, because it only runs Mon-Fri, and doesn’t run at lunchtime or into the late evening, but it’s pretty handy if your schedule fits.

    In the same vein, depending on where you’re coming from on the Red Line, you can take the Red Line to Union Station, and then take the Metrolink train to BUR. It’s also a commuter service, so, like the Burbank shuttle, it’s only Mon-Fri during commute hours, but it’s sometimes better than nothing.

    (Personally, I’d probably just take one of the many shuttle van services, but from where I’m starting, just getting to the Red Line is a pain, so I don’t go out of my to take public transit to the airport.)

  5. I have used all of those services, and they suck because their hours are so limited. If I have to use Burbank I’ll take the Red Line to NoHo and then a cab. Luckily I live 2 blocks from the Red LIne and a few blocks from Union Station. But the point here is that the FlyAway has made LAX a dream to access.

  6. Thank you, Bob Hope Airport, for charging motorcyclists to park. Let’s hope that all the businesses that don’t currently charge motorcyclists start doing so immediately! Why should they get a free ride?

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