4 thoughts on “Nice editorial context, Drudge”

  1. Murder vs inconvenience of a couple thousand tourists, the tourist win hands down as it impacts a larger group. Sadly, 3 dead in a shooting just doesn’t impact enough peoples lives directly to make the important news. It won’t make an impact until more is known and what the basis of that crazed event is about and there can be a good media hook to get our attention.

  2. The only reason to pay attention to Drudge is so you know what the wingnuts will be talking about over the water cooler. Plus it’s interesting to see how many stories ignored by CNN and NPR suddenly get coverage after being featured on Drudge. That’s why we get so much national coverage of Edward’s $400 haircut, but not so much about Romney’s $300 makeup job.

  3. Oh that heartless Drudge. He cares so little about 3 dead people that he places the story undern…wait, he placed the story ABOVE the LAX delay?

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