Love Tofu? Love Your Laptop?

So if you love Tofu…. and I’m always into new ways to make it tasty, check out this upcoming weekend’s 12th Annual Tofu Festival in Little Tokyo. Even better, there’s gonna be a contest… a tech wireless scavenger hunt using the new wireless network working in many public spaces in Little Tokyo. The scavenger hunt is free and anyone with a laptop or PDA can play to win prizes over the course of the weekend. You participate and hopefully, win this interactive game by cruising around Little Tokyo and deciphering clues about Tofu and Little Tokyo’s history. The hunt will use the technology set-up by “Little Tokyo Unplugged”, a wireless community network that provides free wireless in almost all the public spaces (and some private) in the area. You have to have your own computer or handheld device to participate. Register at the “Little Tokyo Unplugged” booth inside the Tofu Festival. It’s this Saturday and Sunday, August 18th and 19th, admission to the festival is five bucks. I imagine you’ll make that back in the tofu snacks that will abound.

3 thoughts on “Love Tofu? Love Your Laptop?”

  1. Aw man what about something other than tofu for the meat eating hunters out there? Kidding aside nice to see someone making wi-fi free even if its one neighborhood. My question is…who’s actually footing the bill as the equipment and bandwidth have to cost something.

  2. Let’s hope they have moved away from a ticket-based approach to buying those tofu snacks, that system means you spend $20 and get a snack or two and a drink. My money would better spent at one of LA’s finer tofu-based establishments, like… BCD Tofu House on Wilshire.

    Seriously, if you’re paying 5 bucks to get in, then at least unfetter the consumer by allowing them to spend their own actual money.

    I know my GF for one won’t be returning this year…

  3. to add to tyson’s comment, yes, it’s a ticket based system, and it’s a total clusterf*ck. Expect to spent $20-$25 per person, and bring a lot of patience. It can be fun, but keep expectations low.

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