Did anyone get stuck in this?

Security-Related Computer Glitch Strands Thousands at LAX

A computer problem that left Homeland Security officials without access to advance lists of arriving international travelers at LAX stranded thousands of people on planes and in terminals, and delays may continue Sunday.

The problem in a Customs and Border Protection computer started about 2 p.m. Saturday and eventually inconvenienced upward of 20,000 airline passengers through the day and into the night. The frustration was palpable. [full story]

The article goes on to describe other problems (possibly unrelated to the computer glitch) such as a man on an airplane who was taken to this hospital for a possible heart attack and a LAX shuttle bus accident.

But directly related to the computer problem, some passengers were stuck on planes for four or five hours, and they complained that no one would tell them what the problem was, or that there was no backup plan for a computer failure. One passenger complained that she was stuck on a plane for 4 hours and didn’t receive food or fresh water. By 10 p.m. last night, an estimated 8,100 passengers were waiting in planes on the tarmac.

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