Hal Fishman Documentary Screenings at the Paley Center

star-halfishman.jpgThe Paley Center in Beverly Hills is screening the following documentary through Sunday in the John H. Mitchell Theatre at 12:30pm in memoriam to Hal Fishman.

In terms of local (Los Angeles) news, KTLA is well-represented in the Center’s collection, not only due to historic importance (KTLA was the first commercially licensed television station in the western United States), but also largely due to the efforts of Steve Bell, former director of the Beverly Hills branch of the Museum of Television & Radio (the former name of the Paley Center. Prior to MT&R, Steve Bell had been senior vice president and general manager of KTLA in the 1980s and his ties to KTLA helped bring a lot of KTLA archival material over to the Museum.

Among the many KTLA-related programs in the archives is the following documentary about Hal Fishman, which is screening through tomorrow at the Paley Center. And if you can’t make it this week, you can always look this program up and watch it in the library.

The Museum of Broadcasting Seminar: KTLA, West Coast Pioneers

This seminar, moderated by Jack Monet of Variety, pays tribute to KTLA, a Los Angeles-based independent television station. The first licensed station west of the Mississippi, KTLA is known for its innovative programming and broadcasting techniques. Panelists include news anchor Hal Fishman; reporter Stan Chambers; Arnold Shapiro, director of documentaries; and Cleve Landsberg, son of KTLA founder Klaus Landsberg.
(1985; 70 minutes)

Formerly The Museum of Television & Radio
465 N. Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
310 786-1000