Fred Phelps to “spread some love” in WeHo

And by “spread some love,” I actually mean, “spout evil shit such as ‘Thank God for 9/11,’ ‘God hates fags,’ ‘AIDS cures fags,’ and ‘Fags die, God laughs (or mocks),'” or something else completely asinine.

Instead of giving him more coverage by getting in his face, I got a fundraising email today from the LA Gay and Lesbian Center, penned by Peter Paige of Queer As Folk fame:

I’m writing you because I just learned that the “reverend”¬ù from hell, Fred Phelps, is coming to town on Saturday to “conduct an outdoor religious service in fag-ridden Los Angeles.”¬ù

This is the same guy with the “God Hates Fags” website who protested the funeral of Matthew Shepard and shows up with “Thank God for AIDS” signs at the funerals of others. And now he’s coming to West Hollywood to spew his venom.

Let’s (literally) send Phelps a message, not by confronting him and giving him more publicity, but by turning his hate speech into something positive for our community. He’s planning to be at the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente for 3 hours, starting at 1:30 on Saturday. I’d love for everyone who is as disgusted by him as I am to pledge at least $10 to the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center–more if you can– for every hour he is going to be here spouting hate.

The Center will earmark the money for its homeless youth services and after he leaves, I’m going to personally send Fred a message thanking him for helping us raise money to support LGBT youth. I’d love to tell him he helped us raise thousands!

I guess Phelps feels like he has to pick up the pace now that Jerry Falwell is no longer around, but I’m glad that the Center is finding a way to turn Phelps’ efforts around. Hee.

8 thoughts on “Fred Phelps to “spread some love” in WeHo”

  1. Nice. I love your tactics.

    Unfortunately, it seems that our media has a law: Equal Time for Nutjobs. So he’ll probably get all the coverage he wants. Boo. Hopefully there will be someone representing the gay viewpoint that’s articulate and won’t turn it into a shouting match.

    Please do a follow up post if some angry WeHo residents beat the shit out of him and it ends up on Utube. THAT I would definitely watch!

  2. I understand hate, what I don’t understand is prolonged ambitious hate such as this.

    Or I guess I do actually, most of this kind of hate is steeped in religion. I recognize that Phelps believes his point of view, his perspective, is the right one and likely feels pretty swell with his endeavors such as this current display… however I can’t imagine what it must be like to daily wake up and put forth that much energy in that kind of a way.

    Of course other groups of people wake up each day with a significant level of hatred for others and I guess they perplex me in the same way…

    I suppose religious issues are primary and education is secondary as far as cause and effect goes. You could argue it’s the other way around but there are instances where education trumps religon and vice versa.

    Bottom line from my prespective, educate as broadly as possible… history, arts, languages, varying religions, science, mathamatics, drama, geography etc

    Perhaps if Phelps had more an understanding other than his interpretation of his “good book”… well who knows, perhaps he was bent to begin with. Of course there are always the wonky who no matter this or that are always going to be troubled… but I do not think this is general “human nature” I think general “human nature” displays love and a desire to understand and comprehend that which we do not.

  3. While I was no fan of Jerry Falwell, I don’t ever recall him telling his followers to show up a the funeral of dead soldiers with “Fag Army” signs.

    Falwell indeed had his fair share of missteps but he was certainly nothing on the same level as Phelps and his merry band of twisted fucks.

  4. Why doesn’t somebody tell Phelps that there’s going to be a Gay Pride march somewhere in, say, Antarctica, with LOTS of television coverage… and then leave him there.

  5. Dare I point out the sick but symbiotic relationship here? The LA Gay & Lesbian Center is using Phelps’ bad acts as their own fundraising tool, just like Phelps uses them to raise money for his own cause!

    (and just like the pro-choicers and pro-lifers each use the threat of each other’s victory as a scare tactic to – you guessed it – Raise More Funds)

  6. Damn Rutz teach me to go to Disneyland you beat me to the punch. I support the LA GLC for a lot of their programs and I almost have to admire their willingness to dance with the devil to make a buck. Isn’t mutual whoring a brother?

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