Iron Woman in training?

8%208%2007004.jpg I LOVE life in LA simply because of the sights you see that jog you out of the ordinary. On my way home from an early errand I spotted this woman marching down Palm Avenue between Ivy and Canyon in Monrovia. I watched her go about a block arms straight up with what appeared to be significant weights attached to the barbell. Moving at a good clip and likely due to whatever the guy walking with her had to say.
(photo taken with the trusty che-ez snap…get’s bigger if you click-it).

6 thoughts on “Iron Woman in training?”

  1. I love this about LA too. I grew up in DC which is one of the most conservative places on earth. We always pined for the freedom of NY. I remember on one trip there my friend had to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to move the car, and she just threw on a bathrobe, shrugged, and said, “Hey, it’s New York. No one cares if I’m walking around in my pajamas.” And it was true. That’s the mark of a great city in my book.

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