I think there was just a little one.

I was engrossed in writing an email so I didn’t even realize it.

Now to check out the USGS site.

UPDATE: Here’s the info on the quake:

A light earthquake occurred at 12:58:49 AM (PDT) on Thursday, August 9, 2007.
The magnitude 4.5 event occurred 7 km (4 miles) NNW of Chatsworth, CA.
The hypocentral depth is 6 km ( 3 miles).

If you felt it, don’t forget to report it here.

:: MAP: Did You Feel It? ::

34 thoughts on “Earthquake?”

  1. Yep, totally! This was the first place i thought to turn for confirmation that I wasn’t crazy. Wow!

  2. Felt it. Heard it. Woke me up.
    I posted on the USGS site too. I’m in 90405.
    The party next door whooped and kept on rockin’.

    (Yup, I realized that the first thing I did was to start typing. Sheesh.)

  3. whoa! cats totally freaked and ran, while I went “deer in the headlights” throughout the entire thing… Felt like a strong wind hit the house, but then I realized things were shaking and jiggling… representing the 90026! (first one from my zip to report on the USGS site)

  4. I slept right through it, but we had weird animal action last night – my dog (the smartest dog in the world!) fought and killed a possum in the wee hours of the morning, after the quake. I think my roommates felt it, though

  5. It woke me up and freaked out the dog (who has been through much bigger).

    I was tempted to boot up the computer and see what was up, but I was really tired.

  6. I, normally the one to bolt upright out of a sound sleep during an earthquake, slept right through it. Could it have been the two large glasses of great read wine I had with dinner? Hmmmm.

    And the smartest dog in the world sounded more like the angriest dog in the world….

  7. I thought I was losing it because we just got one strong jolt out on the westside. Thought maybe someone crashed into my apartment….

  8. About that smart, smart dog. He’s the smartest dog in the world for reasons of general cuteness. He got a bucket of water thrown at him cause he wouldn’t stop barking about the possum.

  9. I’m a non-native, so this was my first quake (and I’ve lived here 2+ years.) It woke me up – but I think this is because I have exclusively Ikea furniture, which turns out to be *noisy* when it shakes.

  10. I’m a native who lived through the 94 quake and I thought this was going to be a big one. Luckily, it stopped soon.

  11. We felt a pretty good shake in Agoura Hills. My husband startled me more than the earthquake did. And we could hear the birds twittering pretty loudly outside afterward.

  12. Well MY stupid cat didn’t notice a thing. . . I’m thinking I should be concerned.

    But yes, it was rumbly here in Hollywood, though all my vases stayed upright.

  13. i was playing grand turismo 4 and all of a sudden, the force feedback was affecting more than my hands, took me a second to figure out what was happening.

  14. Osc, I thought it felt like the BIG ONE was about to start too. I was so relieved when it subsided.
    The first few seconds of shaking shot a jolt of fear through me, reminding me of the horrible Northridge quake when I had to run out of my house with everything falling on my head, my neighbors screaming, the power going out and transformers exploding. Not looking forward to a repeat of those experiences.

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