The Quest: LA’s Best Medianoche Sandwich

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After a few vacations in Key West, I’ve developed a real hankering for the most delicious of sandwiches, the Five Brothers Medianoche. Since we only get to Florida once a year I’ve had to get crafty and look for Medianoches here at home to tide me over during the non-February months.

The Medianoche is usually on a sweet Cuban bread layered with roast pork, turkey, ham, and sometimes pickles, with butter and cheese, mustard and mayo, and then pressed until all melty and perfect. Yum!

This one is the handiwork of the always crowded but worth the wait Porto’s Bakery. They have two locations, one on Brand in Glendale

315 N Brand Blvd
Glendale, CA 91203
(818) 956-5996

and one at Hollywood Way and Magnolia in Burbank.

They use pickles and the sandwich is great. I’m still undecided if this one is the best in LA though, as the one at Cafe Tropical is also awesome and much closer to home.

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  1. I live a block and a half from the Burbank Porto’s, and it’s an amazing place. I’ve tried a few of their sandwiches, but not this one. I guess I know what I’m eating the next time I’m there.

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