“You know I would never interrupt you when you’re getting a piece of wood…”

I accept the super-sexualization of everything in this city. I accept the fact that “looking cute” at the grocery store is the norm. I accept that wearing shorts and a t-shirt is not fashionable. I also don’t normally care.

Today, I went to the fashion district with some friends from out of town. Despite telling them that the days of convincing fakes are long gone (at least at the fashion district), they still wanted to go. I always enjoy myself, if only because I get to buy sunglasses and loads of “workout clothes” for cheap-o. As we were walking along from store to store, we saw the typical displays. But at a single store, I saw the image you see above. It seems, ladies and gents, that we have hyper-sexualized dummies.

As I walked away with a grimace on my face and mockery in my throat, my friends and I thought the dummy was “very L.A.” and they remarked that no such mannequin would ever appear “up north.” It made me wonder: have you seen these inanimate Hooty McBoobs? Where?

My faith in humanity and society was restored when we cruised by the mannequins shown in the second picture. Ah, plus sized dummies. It was an almost-instantaneous rejection of an unattainable beauty ideal. To be fair, my friends also said they had never seen any of these “up north” either.

And again I wondered: have any of you seen these? and where?

9 thoughts on ““You know I would never interrupt you when you’re getting a piece of wood…””

  1. The overly busty mannequins I can live with, when they have obvious nips and have to explain to your 10 year old the “models” aren’t cold is another issue.

    If you want to see super plus sized take a look at the “Wizard of Bras” and their 52FFF in the front window at the bottom of the Myrtle offramp on the EB 210. Thanksfully the same 10 years has stated emphatically he DOES NOT want to see those.

    I think I’ll have a dilema or two on my hands in about 5 years.

  2. Aw, fuck. Wearing shorts and a t-shirt is not fashionable? I am skeeee-rewwwed! Why didn’t someone tell me earlier?

  3. A mannequin’s job is to show how clothes will look on the intended wearers.

    At least in LA the women who buy this stuff look (and feel) EXACTLY like these over-inflated fiberglass cartoons.

    In other words, this isn’t an exaggeration – these mannequins are providing a service!

  4. It’s not just LA; the Nordstrom flagship store in downtown Seattle has overly-busty mannequins with nipples that are beyond “obvious”, maybe “obvious plus”.

  5. I first saw big nips on mannequins when I was in Italy, about 5 years ago… Only surprise is that they took this long to get here.

  6. Yeah, I hate when I am being intimate and she doesn’t seem all into it and I’m like “baby, what’s wrong? You seem distant” And then I realize I am humping a mannequin again. You just don’t get the same quality from bars as back in the good ol’ days, I tell ya.

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