Annual National Night Out – tonite!

More than fifty Los Angeles neighborhoods will be participating in the annual National Night Out tonite, as an opportunity for you and your neighbors to meet one another and with local police officers, all as an effort to heighten crime awareness and build community goodwill.

Events are as small as barbeques hosted by homeowners to block parties, marches, and even a “crime prevention and safety fair”. You can use this as a chance to find out the name and number of your Senior Lead Officer (or SLO), find any other residents who may want to create a neighborhood watch group, or to just to bitch and moan with other locals about other community issues… beats staying at home and, um, blogging about it.

Events begin as early as 5pm and run until 9pm. To find an event in your area, check out LAPD Online (for most of Los Angeles), the Daily Breeze (for the South Bay), or CBS 2 (for a general summary).

One thought on “Annual National Night Out – tonite!”

  1. This is a great idea and when everyone in your ‘hood is willing to be an active participant in the Neighborhood Watch it can be effective in reducing crime.

    Back when we were apartment dwellers in the valley (Chandler and Burbank) we had a very good officer (Bretlinger) who worked with a few people to get Neighborhood Watch up and rolling. I worked with him and the group to help get a lid on the car theft and drug dealing on our block.

    The entire group, some 50 strong walked the block during the National Night Out and stopped in front of the apartment that had set up a drive through service and shut them down for the night.

    Get involved its your neighborhood and you can partner with others to keep it they way you want it. If the banners strung about town are an indication Monrovia PD has a variety of things planned for this evening in conjunction with this event as well.

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