Booze On Wheels

Le%20Grand%20Flyer.jpgNo, I’m not talking about drinking and driving. I’m talking about beer on a bike.

My friends over at Hot Knives have put together their first (annual? we can only hope) “La Grand Crew Beer Ride ‘007,” and anyone who likes quality beers, or who’s on the Two Wheels Better Than Four Wheels wagon, will be thrilled at their inspired pairing. It’s a bike tour through the NELA area, toward Los Feliz a bit, and then back to Echo Park, all with the goal of appreciating good beer. Not crappy beer. Good beer.

Stops include Highland Park’s mysterious-yet-wonderful Rock’n’Roll 7-11 (famed for its constant inundation of classic rock, and a stop on the tour for its fridge cases of microbrews–who knew?); Galco’s, Cap’n’Cork and more. The brilliant thing for boozehounds is the discount bikers on this tour will be receiving at each stop; tourgoers get a percentage off their purchases at each location. Of course, you are not encouraged to actually imbibe ’til y’all reach the tour’s terminus at Echo Park Lake.

Once there’s you’ll enjoy what the Hot Knives are calling “a hot nuts & cold beer party.”alex%20and%20evan.jpg

Now that’s compelling.

(Knowing them, they’ll actually have, like, toasted pecans or something…they’re all up in that cheffy bizznitch.)

The ride is this coming Saturday at 10am, meeting up at the Gold Line Metro Highland Park station. To get on the tour, email the dudes at [email protected]

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6 thoughts on “Booze On Wheels”

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this since Evan first told me it was in the works. But unless things have change I think the route will bring us much further south and west than Los Feliz before turning back for Echo Park.

  2. Dudes! Sorry for the incommunicado. We are hitting 4 stops eastside, from Highland Park to Los Feliz and then making a long haul to the only store on the Westside we wanted to write about. It’s between Culver City and Santa Monica so it’ll be a trek, but we have ways (snacks) of making it pass quickly.

    RSVP at [email protected]

  3. There’s a firm ‘keep it bottled till the finish line’ policy Matt. We’ll be consuming only trail mix and beer fumes.

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