You’ve Got Mailander

If you’ve had even a myopic eye on the L.A. blogoscope you know who Joseph Mailander is, or if not you should. I’m not gonna bore you with a tedious intro other than to say he’s a calls-’em-as-he-sees-’em guy who can have a conversation with Ann Coulter one day and the next donate some of his artwork to a fundraiser to help raise money for the medical bills of a Trader Joe’s crewmmember creamed by a motorist while ridiing his bike. That he’s an awesome writer is a given.

Pastly he blogged at the sadly now defunct Martini Republic but thankfully he continues to do so at Mayor Sam and his personal blog Mainbrace. Today, he’s got a column in the Daily News headlined “L.A. blogs are the voice of the people” paired with a sidebar “Getting inside local politics” where he takes a look at some of the area blogs he thinks are dealing (for better or not enough) with the moving and the shaking going on in that realm.

Congratulations Joseph!

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