Rally Rodents At The Big Ed

When I go to Angels game I enjoy it on a gastronomic level.

Not because the food is especially good, but because it’s trashy, and all American. The hotdogs, the yellow cheese-ish stuff on the nachos, the beer.

In recent years it seems that there have been nods to creating a healthier environment for patrons. Not only the wandering vendors selling fruit cups, but also tearing out the communal urnine troughs in favor of urinals, and the replacing the skanky, large, open containers of relish, jalepenos, and onions at the consessions stands. These vats of chopped vegetable-like matter would always have a dozen or so flys swarming about. Now they are dispensed in clean-looking 2 oz. cups with lids on them.

I say clean-looking because of this recent gut churning report.

County health officials say they’re stepping up enforcement at Angel Stadium, where they’ve found 118 vermin violations at stadium kiosks and restaurants over the last 2¬Ω years. That’s a far worse record than Southern California’s other two major-league ballparks.

Thirty-three of those reports represent “major” violations, in which “rodent activity” was observed by health inspectors in a “critical area” of 18 stadium food venues, the Orange County Register reported Sunday.

Hopefully my upcoming trip to Dodger Stadium will have a higher level of sanitation.

One thought on “Rally Rodents At The Big Ed”

  1. Agreed. Rats and other rodents are disgusting. But no where as dangerous as humans. My last visit to a game resulted in a flash jump purse rip off from humans, leaving me with a scar. LA, clean uo your person to person violence. Get vocal and make your local politicans listen. You have a beautiful city. Fight hard to make it safe.

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