a bug’s life

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Growing up in New York (Manhattan and also upstate in Woodstock), cars got rusty. We didn’t have classics so much as clunkers. Then I moved here, to the Land Of No Snow, and now I am wowed constantly by the cars that, by my east coast understanding, should have fallen apart and yet are still not only drivable but even handsome. I have many favorites, and if I one day discover a pile of money in my lap, my choice will be easy: a ’72 El Camino. But I have another favorite that dates back to my childhood, and that’s the Volkswagon Beetle. We had those in abundance in upstate New York, but they were never much to look at. Here they are really something. I began photographing the Bugs in my neighborhood on walks with my son, and I’ve recently started trying to remember my camera wherever I go, for many reasons but specifically to capture the Beetles.

A few more below the cut, and the full set at Flickr.



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