The Arclight Ultimatum

In trying to purchase tickets for a weekend screening of the Bourne Ultimatum, we found that the Arclight’s computer ticketing system to be totally fubared. The credit card was charged twice, but no actual tickets were issued. Upon going down to the theater for a hearty WTF, we learned that we were far from the only ones – the long line was filled with folks in similar situations. Some of them showed off their confirmation emails, only to learn that they didn’t have tickets.

So if you’re heading down Arclight way this weekend, double check that your tickets are real. Think I’ll get there earlier than usual, in anticipation of a press of confusion and consternation.

2 thoughts on “The Arclight Ultimatum”

  1. This happened to me more than a month ago. I tried purchasing tickets online but the transaction never went through. A week later I was charged for tickets I didn’t have. I went to the Arclight in Hollywood and showed them the transaction on my bank account but because they couldn’t find the transaction in their computers they wouldn’t refund me the money.
    The whole issue is being “investigated” by the “home office.” I still haven’t heard from them and wasn’t told what would happen if my claim was determined “good”?
    It’s just a shame that this is happening from the Arclight, a theater that prides themselves on superior customer service. At least I know I’m not the only one they’re giving the run-around.
    Defeated Arclight member

  2. Lisa Bee here, diehard Arclight fan/apologist.

    Long story short, I tried buying tix online to diff shows shows for at least 30 minutes on Saturday, gave up and tried calling but always got a busy signal. It’s a shame, but I just won’t go to Arclight on the weekends. This dog + pony shit seems to be the rule rather than the exception anymore.

    (Instead I went to The Grove, which was heinous. A gaggle of kids marched in 20 minutes after the movie started, sat next to me, talked and played with their beeping PDA toys. It took two “will you stfu please” moments, then I endured their insufferable antics til they bailed out 20 minutes before the movie ended. On the way out I asked a cinema worker if there was a manager on duty and they said, no – THERE WAS NO MANAGER WHATSOEVER TO SPEAK OF. No more movies on Saturday nights. Period.)

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