Utility Scam

I just heard on KPCC and then came home to find it on the Daily Breeze website that a Utility scam is going on in LA. Scam “artists” are calling small businesses and pretending to be Southern California Edison representatives and demanding full payment of their current bill or else have their power shut off. As with all utility companies, SCE will warn you repeatedly if they are going to shut off your service. Also, they only contact you on the phone or in person if you have made a specific appointment with them. If you are at all suspicious, contact your utility company directly.

Click here to read SCE’s guide to identifying an employee and for additional scam saftety tips.

One thought on “Utility Scam”

  1. The scary thing isn’t that the scam is running, but its a scam that has been around for ages and people keep falling for it and warnings keep being sent. What is worse, the scammer running it for all these years, or the victims who have been warned repeatedly for 20+years? Believe Gomer Pyle said it best “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.

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