Normandie Towers Residents on Rent Strike

Just received this from an anonymous tipster:


Normandie Towers, a.k.a The Village (built by Charlie Chaplin, lived in by Marilyn Monroe) is currently owned by a slumlord. They’ve had sewage floods because the landlord let the pipes deteriorate, had apartments red-tagged by the Health Dept., and are in a legal battle with the landlord. He’s tried to groundlessly evict tenants in the past, and the tenants have gone to court and won. The water doesn’t work reliably, needed repairs are not getting made, the grounds were flooded with raw sewage a few months ago and not really cleaned.

They began a rent strike yesterday, on advice of the lawyer that is representing them (WeHo tenants’ rights clinic, don’t know the name of it), over unlivable conditions and needed repairs in every unit and in the common areas.

It’s a tight-knit community of people who live there, and the property is gorgeous but falling into severe disrepair. They want attention to the cause of preserving Hollywood history as well as their personal cause of fighting a slumlord.

Official contact info of lawyer who is representing the tenants: Elena I. Popp (eipopp AT

I snapped that photo earlier this year when visiting some friends who live there. I’m trying to get more images and info about this situation, will post updates when I get them.

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  1. We may need to try this in Roswell Ga. At Centennial Ridge Apartments!

    I do not typically write reviews but I felt compelled to discuss some issues I have experienced at Centennial Ridge. I have been living here for a little over a year, and I could not be more anxious to leave. I have experienced nothing but problems with this complex and it’s management. Everyday I wake up I rush to the shower to make sure that the water is working. For some reason this complex feels that it is necessary to shut off the entire water supply to the whole complex for “maintainence”. It gets old after about the fourth time. Aside from the water issues the next complaint I have is the AC. Lucky for me I was blessed to recieve an apartment with a leak in the freon hose

    for ac. This means that every 3 months the ac goes out. It usually takes 2 days for them to “fix”. No ac in the summer in a thrid floor apartment is no fun. I have stayed in numerous apartments in college and I must say that this place is by far the worst. I do not feel safe leaving my wife alone here. We recieve letters constantly concerning apartment and vehicle breakins. Fortunately I have not experienced this first hand. I am sure that all complexes have some problems, but after reading these reviews it seems that Centennial Ridge has a lot of work to do. I cannot wait to leave here. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND FINDING ANOTHER PLACE TO LIVE!!!!

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