News Flash: CA’s e-voting machines super hackable

This shouldn’t be news to anyone who has half a brain but the results of the State of California’s audit of all three e-voting machines currently in use in the state are in – and all three models were easily hacked by all the testing teams. Security expert Bruce Schneier has a lot more info on this but as many of us have been saying for a while now these is no reason at all these things should be in use anywhere and any politician pushing for their use clearly isn’t doing their homework.

3 thoughts on “News Flash: CA’s e-voting machines super hackable”

  1. These things are a joke from the get go. Thanks goodness my district was still using pen and paper last election, but I dread to see what Ill have to deal with in 08.

  2. The more I learn about this stuff (and I’ve talked with a lot of experts about it), the more I’m believing the only valid option is hand-marked ballots, dropped into a clear box, and counted by hand in an open process.

    So what if we have to wait eight whole hours to get results? Maybe the news organizations “right” to quickly report the outcome is a bit less important than having a valid vote.

    The Brad Blog is always a good source for news about this stuff.

  3. Sounds like everyone missed Bev Harris from Black Box Voting last night on Coast to Coast? She claims by the 2008 election, the entire country will be voting electronically.

    And the paper ballots are not immune to fraud, she pointed out many cases where insiders threw away ballots for opponents, imagine the ones not caught.

    Visit Black Box Voting at

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