On Saturday, a bunch of us went to the upper reaches of the Valley, sat upon our electric steeds and went forth.

Serious you go so fast and the curves are so twisty that I got a major case of gokartsickness. It was awesome.

More info on the track is here.

4 thoughts on “GoKarting”

  1. Super fun! I went to a similar place in North County San Diego, and Ive heard that there is another track in Carson. Much more power in those little carts than you’d think.

  2. Nice. I don’t think I’ve seen one indoors before. Carson is closer to me, however. And they’ve got six tracks there. Including a “Slick Track” that’s fun to push the limits before spinning out of control.

    Also, if you’ve got little kids… my 3-year-old son can ride by himself on the battery-powered three-mile-an-hour Kiddie track. The first time out I had to jog behind him and help him steer. The second time he almost had the thing mastered.

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