Cop in UCLA taser case used innappropriate force, report finds

The Daily Bruin reports that an independent report has been released regarding on the November, 2006 incident where UCLA campus police repeatedly tasered a student inside the Powell library.

It found that a university police officer, who remained unnamed, violated UCPD guidelines for the acceptable use of force and generally accepted standards for police conduct on several occasions.

A previous, internal report by the UCPD found that the officer hadn’t violated their use of force policy.

The incident, which was recorded on video by several students, began when Mostafa Tabatabainejad refused to leave after failing to show campus security his student i.d. Police were called and attempted to escort Tabatabainejad. After he stopped moving, one of the officers used his taser on him.

After some students stood up to see what was happening, some pleaded with the officers to stop, which resulted in one of the officers threatening to use the taser on another student.

The report also concluded that at most Tabatabainejad was a passive resister to the officers, the crowd was not hostile to the officers, and that generally the situation was under control.

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