Back to Home: The Return from Comic Con

So, the San Diego International Comic Con ended three days ago, and no one’s heard from me since. I left a full day early and came back a full day later, and I guess it took me another day to decompress. Or maybe it just took that long to dig out all the cards and info on LA based artists so I’d have something to blog.

Or maybe I’m in the belly of a Dragon. Have you ever tried to post to a blog from a Dragon’s belly? I can’t see a damn thing in here. Good thing I brought lots of pocky.

After the jump, discussion on Angelenos I encountered at Geek Fest and the digestive properties of Black Dragons.

Unless you’ve been to Comic-Con, or something similar, it’s hard to convey what having that many people in one damn place is like. Over 125,000 people were there, many of whom only live two hours to the north.

Frankly, I was so overwhelmed with input I kept forgetting to ask people if they were from L.A., or to look for any of my fellow Angelenos. I’m generally not terribly ADD, but there was a lot of stuff. I’d think, “Hey, I should see if Wil Wheaton has a booth and go talk to …HOLY CRAP, look at that thing…

Despite all that, I did meet a lot of folks from Our Little City of Angels.

Ethan from and I discovered we basically like all the same stuff. I get to be jealous of him, though, ’cause he gets to hang around with Neil Gaimen and ‘Coop.

I managed to not make too much of a fool of myself while talking to Liz Climo and Shannon O’Connor (AKA “Soco.”) from Girls Drawin’ Girls. I was sent to their booth by Alberto Calleros, who, along with Ira Sherak, talked me into buying all known copies of Hot Mexican Love Comics. These guys (and Shannon, too, I think) worked on The Simpsons and Futurama, so I got some killer sketches. (“Now Zoidberg is the popular one!) They also sent me to find Louie Del Carmen, who was awesome. He has a new book out called Steel Noodles and a site called Random Anomalies. I think he may have a Simpsons / Futurama connection as well, but he’s definitely a contributor to the Hot Mexican Love Comics, of which I am now the proud owner. (Did I mention this?)

Seriously, it was like a scavenger hunt going from booth to booth finding these folks and getting sketches and signatures on the books. It was kinda fun.

I chatted with the nice lady from Skellramics again this year. You should definitely check out her stuff. (Granada Hills, that’s greater L.A. area, isn’t it? That counts, right? Check her out anyway, her stuff is cool.) Cory Doctorow from Boing Boing blogged an entry about her the other day, in fact. Nice, functional “Skull-Centric” art. There is nothing I dislike about that.

There was also Rose, who was very cool and had an interesting looking comic called Julio’s Brother JUAN. She has founded her own comic book company, Panoramic Mania, which seems to have three titles, including Juan, but there doesn’t seem to be much info at, which is, at present, their only web presence. (Their flyer even points you there.) Oh well, there are some cool indie comics that have started with less. Hit her up on the MySpace and ask her for more info.

There were more from Los Angeles, to be sure, without even getting into the Hollywood Movie Presence. There was the Anime Toy Collector company,, who usually operates out of Downtown L.A. I also discovered a whole troop of Superhero cos-players from here in town, one of which is a friend of mine.

I had no idea my friend did this until Saturday. Kind of an odd moment when you find something like this out. The Green Lantern shirt you see me wearing in the picture for this article is about as cos-playah as I’ve ever personally been, and I mainly did that to piss off a Hal Jordan-Hating friend of mine who couldn’t make it. (I’m a bastard that way.) My friend had a great time as Captain America, though, and I have to admit, the idea’s intriguing. After all, Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Anyway, ’til next year, (for a Comic-Con Update, anyway) Excelsior!

(Actually, if you want more, I’ll likely do a more general Con Update on my own blog, Noxious Thoughts, as well as some thoughts on the trip itself. )

6 thoughts on “Back to Home: The Return from Comic Con”

  1. Hey, Rob… pretty overwhelming, wasn’t it? This was my first Comic-Con, and I couldn’t quite bring myself to attend all three days. Did you happen to take any pictures?

  2. I’ve been going to the Con for 8 or 9 years now, I think. I went for all four days, including preview night, and in fact hit Sea World the day before.

    I’m hard core like that.

    My camera’s dead, so I didn’t get pictures, but my friends did. That’s where the one at the top of the story came from.

  3. I started going in 1993, the first (maybe second) year they held it downtown. The center was much smaller at the time, and even then the Con only took up 3/4 of the convention center floor. The other 1/4 was dedicated to the art show.

    Now, it’s so huge I can go just for a Sunday and still feel overwhelmed. I missed this year, though. Oh well.

  4. this was my 5th con. did four days, but spent so much time in panels that i feel like i missed much of what the floor had to offer.

    caught the saturday night masquerade ball, though. there was a dance-off between 9 lara crofts. and the cast of harry potter did a “grease” montage. so strange, but oh so wonderful.

  5. All my years at the Con, this was the first time I hit up the Masquerade. It was kinda cool. “Greasy Potter” was, indeed, pretty awesome. I loved the Beetlejuice guy with the hammer hands and working carousel head.

    I did a year that was almost all panels and I missed out on the floor, and there have been other years I was so distracted by the floor I missed panels I wanted to see. It’s hard, if not impossible, to get it all in.

    I go through the program with a highlighter on the first night. Not foolproof, but it helps.

    What panels did you catch?

  6. You felt THE HEAT of Hot Mexican Love Comics!! May your soul be singed forever!!! I hear thatcaloe vera helps though.

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