“Prince” von Anhalt in the buff

…photo of Frederic von Anhalt taken at the scene of alleged crime…

In the comments of last week’s post about Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband claiming to have been mugged and left naked in his car, a couple commenters asked about the supposed handcuffs they’d heard Frederic von Anhalt had said he was locked up with, but the police never found.

While I’d read similar reports, this photo backs up von Anhalt’s own claims that I’d heard him make on the news: his hands were actually tied to the steering wheel with his own belt.

I snagged this pic from A Socialite’s Life, who’re asking readers for a clever caption.

But here’s what I’d like to figure out:

a. If von Anhalt is telling the truth – that a car full of “beautiful” women recognized him and asked him to pull over for a photo, then mugged him of everything except his car, belt, and hat, leaving him naked in the middle of Bel Air.

b. Or if von Anhalt was indeed mugged, but in the course of some consensual hanky panky with another individual.

c. Or if von Anhalt staged the whole thing, either by himself or with another individual, either for the attention or an insurance claim.

Any other theories?

2 thoughts on ““Prince” von Anhalt in the buff”

  1. I opt for item #2…he probably arranged a hook up with someone from craigslist personals and things went south. If he’s trying to stay in the public eye he’s going to have to work harder than that considering the other train wrecks out there.

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