Parking Tard–Westside Edition


Someone got themselves a brand-spanking-new van (oooooh) and wanted to make sure no one dinged it while they stopped to celebrate with a subway sandwich. Funny thing is, when you park like this, sir, I mean, douche, it makes me WANT to ding your car.

14 thoughts on “Parking Tard–Westside Edition”

  1. Ya know…maybe we should leave notices…”thanks for the blogop tard check out when you can” on a few windshields. My luck it would become a status symbol for the tards and people do it to get caught.
    To quote a commenter on one of my blogs a bit ago on the topic: “1. Hoosierguy : KEY IT!”

  2. Last week some jackass in Manhattan Beach had deliberately taken 2 spaces to protect his faux-off-road, sticker covered manhood and someone had left him a note on his wiper.

    It just read “Fuck You.”

  3. I like the idea that we leave them notice. “Thanks for helping me meet my weekly post quota!”

    And Marshall, that made laugh out loud! Brilliant.

  4. Once when I got pissed at a woman who was pulling out of her “I deserve two spaces because I just got a manicure” spot, I took a photo yelled out to google “Parktard” when she got home to see a photo of herself.

    Of course I never do it … but it makes me feel better. (I have a lot of photos of things that have pissed me off … somehow it’s theraputic to take them.)

  5. I’m a fan of . Print out a pad of youparklikanasshole parking tickets and give out at your leisure. They’re focussed on New York’s notoriously bad parking, but it’s applicable just about anywhere. This guy, for instance, would get two checks on his ticket: “Diagonal parking, not so cool car” and “That’s a compact?”

  6. Oh Cybele…you were almost there, mikenomn gave the address to my favorite posting site though they are painfully slow in updating.
    Personally I am waiting for the day to interview I(heart)FLM who feels its her god given right to use the handicapped spaces and not be handicapped.

  7. You gotta be careful with the brand new AstroVan. Prolly is fully customized on the inside with like a sink and a fridge, plus it has that sweet “cherry gray” paint job.

  8. Here’s what I would have done: parked in the spot on the right at a slight angle, where half of the van lies. As a true compact car, my car would fit in the spot legally, effectively blocking in the jackass’s improperly parked vehicle. No ticket for me, no exit for them–it’s a win-win!

  9. One way to issue a corrective to asshats like this, short of keying: keep a tube of lipstick in your glove compartment for pithy messages on the jerk’s winshield. It takes about 10 minutes to wipe ASSHOLE off in rouge red, and they’ll get the message. And no permanent damage to fck up your karma.

  10. You might change your mind about taking two spaces to park if you returned to your car and the woman in the car next to you said you dinged her car door, which you did not, and insisted on having your insurance company name, your name, address and phone number to file a claim.

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