Five things I learned or realized at the New Beverly last night


  1. Both films in the double feature of The Goonies and Back to the Future have characters prominently wearing Nikes – even Doc Brown. The major exception is Biff, who at the end of “B2TF” is sporting an Adidas jumpsuit while detailing the McFly’s BMW.
  2. A large soda at the New Beverly is $2.50, but if you save the cup a refill (during intermission or whenever) is $1.25, or 1/2 price for the other sizes.
  3. Sherman prophetically programmed The Virgin Spring and Wild Strawberries for August 1st and 2nd – Ingmar Bergman, who directed both films, passed away on Sunday. (Sherman, the proprietor of the New Bev, died July 18th.)
  4. The New Beverly concession stand has “refrigerated” Snickers and Milky Way bars for $1 each. Not as cool as frozen (pun noticed, not intended), but better than handling melted chocolate in the middle of the movie.
  5. Marty McFly goes back 30 years to 1955. If Back to the Future were remade today, he’d be time traveling to 1977. Besides the advent of personal computers and the internet, has much really changed since then?
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8 thoughts on “Five things I learned or realized at the New Beverly last night”

  1. Since 1977, add in cell phones (which is pretty huge… think about how many books/movies have crises which would have been easily be solved with a cell phone). There’s the advent of the SUV. Cable TV, the VCR, CDs (these last two already supplanted by DVDs and downloadable music). It would be a different movie, yes, but there’s plenty of difference over any 30 year period. I think that you need to shift the thirty year window the other direction for the differences to be minor.

  2. Compared to 30 years ago, we’d still be bitching about the traffic while mass transit is debated. A lot of Heavy Industry would still be in the basin. The air would be a LOT browner and Stage 1 smog alerts a lot more common than now.

  3. 1978? Me too. Which makes me barely old enough to have seen Back to the Future or Goonies in the theatre originally, but my mom was a big proponent of going to the movies.

    I wonder if I could sit through Goonies now without calling him Samwise(?) throughout.

  4. “Besides the advent of personal computers and the internet?” Isn’t that like saying “Besides fire and the wheel?”

  5. Rather than looking at gadgets, I’d compare the sociology of different eras. In 1985, looking back 30 years, you’re dealing with an entirely different world. Pre-civil rights. A big difference in women’s roles in both the home and the workplace. BIG differences in sexuality, and its acceptance/portrayal in popular culture. Huge differences in music. The start of the Cold War vs. the winding down of the Cold War.

    So you have a point. Travel back to 1977, on the other hand, and from a sociological standpoint, there’s less of a culture shock. Actually, in some ways, 1977 people would be more shocked at how things have regressed (in areas such as sexuality, which obviously was impacted by AIDS, and by the rise of the Religious Right, etc.) But you’d much more quickly adjust. You’d search in vain for a decent coffee shop, you’d have to readjust to buying music on vinyl (but hey, hipsters in 2007 are still buying vinyl), but the 2007-1977 culture shock wouldn’t be nearly as bad as the 1985-1955 one.

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