Movies for the Birds!

This little dude flew into my window the other day.
I call him Bonky.

He was sort of stunned and shaking a bit when I went out to investigate the noise; remembering my parakeet I’d had as a little girl, I placed a finger down against his little legs, and he stepped right into my hand.

Poor little Bonky.

He told me a secret, though, which is what you can see him doing in this picture: yelling at me in his little birdie voice. Debs Park–the Audubon Center–will be showing movies all summer, each preceded by a little birding walk. If you’ve never been on a birdwatching walk, you should totally go. It requires you to focus attention on the natural world around you, in an exploratory, wonder-filled sort of way–gets you out of your head, into the physicality of the hike, and actively engaging you with the environment. Good for city folks. It’s also really cool to explore Debs Park, which is this bizarre outcropping of nature right smack in the middle of the city. I must confess I was a “birder” for a long time. Totally into it when I was little and should have been into Barbie or whatever. Instead, I had my Field Guide to North American Birds.

Don’t know why the other kids thought I was such an…odd bird. Har har har.

Anyhoo, the first film is this Friday, and is…”Hoot.” (har har har); I also want to check out “Winged Migration” on the 7th of September.

Full schedule behind the jump.

Oh, and Bonky flew away after catching his breath a little…good on him, the wee yellow chap. Stiff upper beak and all.

Aug. 3: Hoot! (English w/Spanish subtitles)
Aug. 17: Happy Feet (Spanish w/English subtitles)
Sept. 7: Winged Migration (English w/Spanish subtitles)
Sept. 21: Eyewitness: Bird (English w/Spanish subtitles);
Ocean Oasis (Spanish w/English subtitles)
Oct. 5: The Life of Birds – 2 episodes (English)

A map to the park is at the bottom of this page.

3 thoughts on “Movies for the Birds!”

  1. Any idea what species Bonky might be a member of?

    And by the way, “Winged Migration” is wonderful.

  2. Any idea what species Bonky might be a member of?

    It’s hard to be certain with such a small photo, but it looks to me like Bonky might be a young Wilson’s Warbler.

    (The dark cap and other dark markings grow more distinct with age, so if it’s a Wilson’s, it’s likely a fairly young bird.)

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