Best Ribs In Los Angeles? Yep – hands down.

Burbank%20July%2007%20-%2017.jpgI though I was driving towards a major fire as smoke poured over Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank yesterday afternoon. As my hand fumbled for my camera, I came closer and saw the smokescreen was actually coming from a number of grills set up outside of Handy Market. I squealed on the brakes as soon as the scent of ribs and bbq sauce hit my nostrils.

The Handy Market itself is a cramped local grocery store that, frankly, I felt a little too claustrophobic to enter. Besides the blinding smoke from the grills set up in the driveway, I’m surprised that this place is able to pass firecode… until I remind myself firemen LOVE barbeque.

On the outdoor menu: chicken, ribs, tri-tip, and turkey drums. Not cheap, the half rack of babybacks I ordered ended up setting me back $13… I think they deliberately smother it with bbq sauce to make it heavier. But I’ve never had meatier, more succulent bones in L.A. (the half rack was also substantial enough to break in two, and had the leftovers as a late dinner. tip: keep foiled, toss in the oven for 20 minutes at 350 degrees).

The best deal on hand is the $3.99 turkey drum, which I swear weighed as much as an average sized turkey. I bought one for my girlfriend, a tryptophan addict, and she was unable to keep from multiple return trips to the fridge for “a nibble”.

I’m unsure how frequently they do the outdoor ribs, so it wouldn’t hurt to give them a call at 818-848-2500 before you rush over.

Handy Market
2514 W. Magnolia Blvd.

7 thoughts on “Best Ribs In Los Angeles? Yep – hands down.”

  1. Handy Mart has the reputation for the best meat in Burbank. I’ve noted the smoke, but have never eaten there. Lately I’ve been favoring Papis, a couple miles away where the old Atlas Sausage place used to be. But you can’t have too much Que, so I’ll have to check out Handy Mart.

  2. I love Handy. I used to live around the corner from them and their butchers are top-notch. They give the kind of personalized service that is hard to find these days. One thing in particular to look out for is they regularly run a special where they sell whole filet butts for a ridiculously low price ($2.99 or something like that). You end up getting five or six filets for about $15 (and they’ll even slice the butts to your desired thickness for free).

  3. I love Handy Market too. Their tri-tip sandwich (which you have to order inside the store) is amazing. However, I have to say that Philipps BBQ in the Crenshaw District is way better than Handy.

  4. I believe they bbq every Saturday during the Summer, thanks for the review I have been meaning to stop by.

  5. You came on a good day , most of the time there BBQ is burnt and dried out , there tri tip sandwich is the best choice and there meat section is superp, burbanks best.

  6. I often saw the smoke coming from this place (and the surrounding crowds) while passing en route to Porto’s. I may have to stop one of these days.

  7. How weird. My friends and I were just talking about this place over dinner Friday night…specifically the weekend bbq’s.

    Guess I’ll have to check it out now.

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