MHS Student showing at Monrovia’s Art Walk tonight

7%2028%2007002.jpg “Two Halves Are Better Than One” (and it gets bigger too)

Tonight I had the pleasure of being across from the High School Ceramics Instructor Sal Perez and his students. What caught my eye was the table full of sculptures being set up by one of his students. One of the scuptures by a 3rd year art student at MHS is what really caught my eye. Ms Wenqing Yan does the most amazing sculptures based on the characters in “anime’ cartoons.

And you read that right only 3 years she has been doing her art. Amazing stuff with a talent that continues to grow according to her teacher and her fellow students at MHS.

Ms Yan has a web site with more information link here. Also here’s a few more pics taken with the trusty belt loop blogger the ‘che-ez’ snap that I always have with me.