Lohan Trainwreck rolls along without track (marks)

lohanmug1.jpg Mugshot borrowed from Crime Scene which has links to her booking records. Isn’t that mugshot the best example of what appears to be a bad case of cracne ? Damn….amazing stuff shows up when the makeup is gone.

Gawd I love a trainwreck. After the whole Paris Hilton goes to jail I didn’t think we’d see anything top it soon. I was wrong. Very wrong. Not only did Ms Lohan get arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and possession of cocaine earlier this week, the ante has been upped with her passengers making claims against her.

Yup, according to Defamer dot com her passengers now have an attorney making claims against her for the wild ride they had with her. Yup, thank you Plaintiff Bar for kicking it up a notch and going after her pocket book. The full details are in the Defamer article but the short of of it is her passengers, known as the “Denali 3” claim she drove the Denali without the owners permission, refused to let them out (kidnap is such an ugly word) and left them psychologically scarred by driving wrecklessly (emotional distress). Thank Jeebus for the ability to bring forth civil claims to keep us all entertained when a good train wreck comes rolling by.

In fairness, I have to note that Ms Lohan has declared the cocaine was not hers, that she never has done cocaine. Just hard to believe she’d be out partying and drinking so soon after rehab and turning herself in for the May ’07 accident while allegedly dui 4 days earlier. (Feel free to make your anonnymouse comments on that if you wish).

Maybe we should make this her theme song for the year. Can we get Weird Al to do a rewrite in her honor? Anyone having a connection with him make the request on my behalf, the idea and use is gratis of course. Just get me a copy when it happens. I love a good parody and this one is so ripe for satire.

5 thoughts on “Lohan Trainwreck rolls along without track (marks)”

  1. is this really worth posting about? am i the only one who dosn’t give a shit about her or paris et al and the troubles they get in? and i could only hope to look as good as she does in my mugshot…

  2. A 21-year girl old drinking and driving and experimenting with drugs? Wait, she has zits on her face?? What next? Is she gonna have sex with a guy she’s not married to?? Someone get CNN on this story. Oh wait, they already are. Thank god.

  3. Lohan also denied being at the wheel, telling cops “the black guy was driving” or something to that effect.

    I gotta say, though, that any guy who claims to have been essentially kidnapped by Lohan is a total pussy. Even worse when three buddies jump in with the accusation.

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