Downward Dog Driving

Yoga in the car? With a CD? My first response was to snort and laugh at the ridiculous lengths we’ve gone to in the name of yoga. But… I AM a yoga enthusiast and know that living the true yogini life is to incorporate yoga into every single thing we do. Then, as karma would have it, after reading the press release for this, and making jokes, I got stuck in a massive traffic jam on my way back from the Westside, and realized that doing a bit of breathing exercises to de-stress in the car could be a good thing. Los Angeles yoga teacher, Jen Swain created this CD to play in the car and as a way to introduce yoga to the masses… simple exercises to do while sitting in the car on the 405. She credits yoga with saving her life after she was hit with cancer and wants to spread the her “Om the Road” goodness in the world.

2 thoughts on “Downward Dog Driving”

  1. Have you tried this? Im totally curious about what stretches I could do in the car…

  2. I’m hopeful that it’s more breathing than stretching, for safety’s sake.

    Two important tips that may or may not be on the CD:

    Hold the steering wheel UNDERHAND at 4 and 8 (keeps the shoulder saddle in line) and keep your gas pedal knee straight up, not lazing to the right (benefits both knee and hip).

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