What a strange freakin’ day for space exploration

First I heard about the discovery of potential sabotage to Space Shuttle payloads, followed by reports that astronauts have been flying into space while drunk… and now, a little closer to home, an explosion at the Mojave Air and Space Port has left two dead and four injured.

Video news helicopters showed wrecked equipment and vehicles at the airport in the high desert north of Los Angeles near Edwards Air Force Base. The blast site was in a remote unpaved section of the airport.

Bomb experts and fire investigators are checking out the scene, which is also home to Burt Rutan and Paul Allen’s SpaceShipOne project, a private aerospace firm determined to make space tourism a reality.

…source: KNBC 4

One thought on “What a strange freakin’ day for space exploration”

  1. I’m all for partying down, but shuttle astronauts flying drunk? Daaaaamn! And is it just me who thinks a “12 hour bottle-to-throttle” rule might wisely be extended by another dozen hours or so?

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