Thar’s A Fire (Evacuation Drill) in Them Thar Hollywood Hills

Ever wonder what to do if you live in the Hollywood Hills and there’s a fast moving brush fire? Well, this Saturday, July 28th from 9:30 til around 12 you can find out. It’s an evacuation exercise for people who live in the Oaks, Bronson and Beachwood Canyon areas and it’s taking place at the Cheremoya Elementary School at 6017 Franklin Avenue. The city, the Los Angeles Fire Department and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce are all working together to make a realistic environment and drill so residents and the various departments can evaluate plans and training that have been developed. They will also teach what to do in the event of a catastrophic and fast moving brush fire in this area. And there’s more!!!! Participants will get a free lunch and there will be a drawing for “Wicked” tickets. Roads in the area will be open, but there will be limited access during the drill. You can go here for more info.

One thought on “Thar’s A Fire (Evacuation Drill) in Them Thar Hollywood Hills”

  1. Tom LaBonge send out the notice stating that the drill was for Beachwood and Bronson Canyon? Susan Swan sends out a notice…its only for the Oaks people, but if you want to come for a free lunch feel free to join us. How many people were turned away by the Neighborhood Council president when they offered to help? It seemed there were more Scientology people getting a free lunch, and community people crying foul, stating it was a waste of time. What went on there? Swan says..oh…they went shopping instead! The Oaks are not parlay to Susan Swan, or her inclusive “neighborhood council”. Why are we wasting our money?

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