LAX Fingerprints Stopover Passengers Who Are Not Entering The U.S.

“You bloody Yanks seem to think terrorism is something new and only ever happens to Americans….We’ve had the IRA and the French have the Algerians and the Spanish have ETA. Now you know what the rest of Europe’s been living with for the last few hundred years. Why don’t you lot just grow up?”


I can’t remember the last time I had a flight that didn’t suck in some way, either from ridiculous security theatre, cramped and overcrowded planes, or asshole customer service. At least I haven’t had to deal with any poop on my plane.

One thought on “LAX Fingerprints Stopover Passengers Who Are Not Entering The U.S.”

  1. No shit. You forgot asshole passengers. On our overnight flight to London a guy across from us got pissed at the lady in front who reclined her seat a bit. (We were in steerage class so there isn’t much movement anyway). The idiot started kicking and screaming at her. The flight crew got him to stop the lady in front agreed to only recline the seat a bit. Not good enough and he started acting up all over again, even his femail travelling companion couldn’t reason with him. This time an armed man, presumably an air marshall intervened. They took the bastard, cuffed him and put him in a jump seat in the back.

    Our flight out of CDG was a clusterfuck all into its own. Short version is only 1 line at the gate to inspect everyone and even the flight crew took an hour to get through the line. The SDG security staff was pretty obnoxious about it all and lord knows why my 10 year old got pulled aside for a complete search when all I had to do was take off my shoes and go through the metal detector. (I look like the terrorist in my pic, not him).

    Understaffed and assholes are everywhere. I’ve heard of the fingerprinting one before. Don’t see the purpose for those just changing planes but there has to be some sort of twisted logic to it.

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