It’s some kind of an Eastern thing

It's some kind of an eastern thing

Fuckin’ A, man.

It’s about time that Los Angeles’ 2nd greatest fictional character got his own religion. With all the un-dude like behavior going on these days it’s high time someone stepped up to help spread the message of Dudeism, and The Church of the Latter-Day Dude promises to do just that. As well as shine a flickering, bowling alley florescent tube light on some of the other great dudes in history. And um, if you are worried about this being another men-only faith, well, you know, don’t. Dudesits are not afraid of the word “Vagina.”

“Incidentally, the term “dude” is commonly agreed to refer to both genders. Most linguists contend that “Dudette” is not in keeping with the parlance of our times.”

[Thanks Merlin]

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  1. I had friends that died face down in muck in ‘Nam so that we can enjoy this family religion.

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