Update: King-Harbor’s Evaluation

Monday saw the beginning of the week-long federal inspection of King-Harbor. The results will not be in until the end of August. Should the hospital fail this inspection, all federal funding will be lost. The county has already said that the hospital will not be able to remain open if funding is cut. There is a lot riding on this inspection.

Meanwhile, the LAT broke the story that a patient injured herself Tuesday, while the reviewers were on the premises.

At the moment, it’s hard to be optimistic. I’m worried that the main emergency-care provider in South LA will disappear, and I am also worried that most people in LA don’t really care what happens. I am also worried that King Harbor may actually need to be put down.

2 thoughts on “Update: King-Harbor’s Evaluation”

  1. I’m concerned, worried is a bit harsh. Its not that I travel through there often and would not want to be injured and need care. Its that closing that will drag down the whole city as someone is going to have to absorb the patients. The question still not answered is why did this mess continue to grow over the last several years so we are on constant crisis at KH?

  2. I think the problem has grown over the last 3 decades. A lot due to Medicare/Medicare low funding. It may also be that the hospital does not have adequate leadership developing staff who can deal with a high influx of people who are ill. Or it may be more sinister. Perhaps the hospital leaves the uninsured to the last in a long line of patients. Universal health care is needed, including care for mental health.

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