Angeleno on the Road: San Diego Comic-Con!

Nerd Prom is ON!

San Diego Comic-Con International officially starts tomorrow, Preview Night is done. Who else is coming down? Who else (besides me…) has come down before? How are you getting here? Plane, Train, Automobile?

I know there are plenty of Angelenos coming down here this week, what are your Tips and Tricks? How does L.A. do the Geek Event of the year?

Thoughts on the Con maybe moving down here?

Hit me in the Comments Section and let me know.

BTW: I5 S had sections shut down Monday Night; I had to get off of the Freeway and take a Detour right around Knotts Berry Farm. Might want to take an alternate route. I5 S to the 605 S to the 405 S back to the I5 S has worked for me before. How bout you?

6 thoughts on “Angeleno on the Road: San Diego Comic-Con!”

  1. i was thinking of going down late tonight and coming back late friday night. do you think the 15 would be an issue in those off hours?

  2. Driving down Saturday and coming back Sunday. I’ve considered taking the Amtrak down, but it’s priceyish.

    I’ll spend most of Saturday in the nerdlinger panels like Heroes, Battlestar Galactica and Avatar. Sunday is not as crowded as Saturday, so is better for walking around the booths.

    Gaslamp district is fun to walk around in the evening, grab a bite, hit a bar. Might go see The Simpsons Movie on Sat night down there. Should be a blast with that kind of crowd.

  3. I’d love to go Sat to catch the Ellis programming, but, seeing as how it’s become a total clusterfuck, I think I’m heading down tomorrow instead. I’m planning on driving, but I’d love to know if anybody’s got a suggestion for parking. If you can belive it, I actually found a $5 lot last time around. Hopefully it’ll be open again.

  4. park at the fashion valley or mission valley malls and take the trolley downtown.

    i’m sitting this year out (only the second time I’ve done so in fourteen years)… too much hype and too many people.

  5. For anybody that didn’t pre-register, I just check the site and Fri and Sat are both SOLD OUT:

    4-Day, 3-Day, Friday Single-Day, and Saturday Single-Day Memberships have Sold Out!NONE OF THESE MEMBERSHIP TYPES ARE AVAILABLE FOR SALE ONSITE! Because of the popularity of Comic-Con, many people are registering online in advance. As a result, some membership options have sold out before the show even opened. ONLY THURSDAY AND SUNDAY SINGLE-DAY MEMBERSHIPS REMAIN AVAILABLE FOR SALE!

    Guess I’m out of luck. I was planning on heading down tomorrow to avoid the crowd, but it looks like the crowd beat me to it.

  6. oh yeah, and i’d be shocked as hell if san diego lost comic con to la. the convention has done a lot for the city in terms of making it one of THE places to be during the summer (hence the sold-out hotels and such).

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